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CryptMsg Terms of Service (TOS)

The rules are simple. Don't do anything that we'd need to make a rule about.

We don't care if you post porn on your friends wall or in private groups. Public posts need to remain SFW.

We can't let you post anything illegal. We aren't willing to go to jail for your bad choices. If you post something illegal, we'll delete it and ban you.

You can post porn with consenting adults. No children, no animals, nothing that'll get us in trouble.

So, bewbs and edgy conversations are fine. Trying to organize a civil war on the platform is explicitly forbidden.

You cannot post "revenge porn" or other illegal content. We'll delete it.

You cannot post copryrighted content. If we receive a DMCA takedown notice, the posts will be removed. Those notices should be sent to admin[at]

You cannot impersonate someone with intent to defraud anyone. Cloning someone's account to convince their family to send money or whatever is absolutely forbidden. You don't have to use your real name, but you can't pretend to be someone else. Like, Facebook "God" is perfectly welcome here.

Repeated violations of these rules will result in the account being permanently removed.

All posted content is the property of the user posting it. You grant Cryptmsg a license to host, display, and distribute this content. Like, so your posts can be seen.

We reserve the right to update and modify these rules at any time.

As much of the site is encrypted, we can't read everything on here. But if someone reports it, it will share the unencrypted version with us. We'll have to take action if it's against these ToS violations.

We also aren't your typical social media site. We don't read your messages. Your community standards are whatever rules your community (group) wants. This is the perfect place to escape to, after Facebook sends you to FB jail again for BS reasons.

Our hope is that this entire section will never be enforced. We want you, and your community (group) to all be happy, and shitpost to your hearts content.

Please also review our Privacy Policy.
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