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  1. Q: What is encryption
    A: Encryption is a way to scramble a message so that only the intended recipient can read it.

  2. Q: What content encrypted?
    A: At this time, only the message text is encrypted. This may change in the future.

    We encrypt the text of the message in your browser, and transfer it encrypted.

  3. Q: What kinds of files can I attach to posts.
    A: Image, Video, Audio, and PDF files.

    • Any image that ImageMagick can thumbnail. That's all popular and many obscure image types. Even if they aren't supported by browsers, the system will convert them to PNG to post.

    • Any video that ffmpeg supports. That's all popular and many obscure video types.

    • Any audio that ffmpeg supports. That's all popular and many obscure audio types.

    • PDF files. The system thumbnails the first page only.

  4. Q: What is the strange string I'm seeing after the person's name on direct messages?
    A: That's the UUID (universal Unique IDentifier) of for that user. They can change their displayed name, but the UUID will always be the same. If someone else tries to clone the account by using the same display name and photo, they can't fake the UUID. If in doubt, always use the UUID to address someone.