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C r y p t M s g
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Cryptmsg.php installation notes
version 1.0.0
XAMPP installation

This readme outlines using Cryptmsg.php on Windows, using XAMPP.

Download XAMPP from here:

Install it, but don't allow it to start anything as a service.

From the XAMPP Control Panel, start ONLY Apache.

Click "Explore" to see where XAMPP is installed. It is likely to be in:

C:\Program Files\xampp\

Edit apache\bin\php.ini . Uncomment the following two lines


From the XAMPP Control Panel, stop and restart Apache.

Save cryptmsg.php as htdocs/cryptmsg.php

The URL to access cryptmsg.php will be:


Assuming you are behind a firewall and on a private network, any of your users may access
the page, assuming your computer's firewall permits this. They would access:


Anyone intending to use it REALLY should install it for themselves. Don't trust anyone,
including the person sitting beside you.